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U NTIL production of the Rossetti Archive closes in May of 2008, new objects and commentary will continue to be added to the site. Follow the links below for a tour of the latest texts and images to be included.

In an effort to put Rossetti's relationship with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB) in context, a transcription of John Ruskin's impassioned defense of Pre-Raphaelitism (1851) has been recently incorporated, as well as both volumes of William Holman Hunt's Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1914 edition). A number of pictures by artists other than Rossetti are also intended to serve this purpose, such as those by Ford Madox Brown (Geoffrey Chaucer Reading the "Legend of Custance", The Last of England, Work), Arthur Hughes (Ophelia, The Eve of St Agnes), Henry Wallis (Chatterton) and John Brett (The Glacier of Rosenlaui).

Guest Editors

One of the newest features of the Rossetti Archive is the Guest Editor initiative, in which young scholars working with the Archive contribute their own editions of texts relevant to the larger project. Follow the links below to explore their work.

Paul Fyfe

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William Michael Rossetti

Mrs. Holmes Gray

aka The Coroner's Inquest

Paul Fyfe is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Virginia. He is completing a dissertation on early-Victorian metropolitan writing and accidents.

PC Fleming



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PC Fleming is a Ph.D. Candidate in Nineteenth-Century literature at the University of Virginia.